Build Your Own Drip


PhosphatidylCholine           R210
Heals and renews cell membranes, liver support, energy and fatigue
Glutathione                           R210
A powerful anti-oxidant that has many benefits like: Skin-brightening, liver
detoxification, anti-ageing effects and immune system boosting.
Taurine                                   R120
Taurine is an amino acid that is a required building block of protein. Improves
mental concentration and performance.
Methylcobalamin                  R150
Neuro-active Vitamin B12 that gives a surge of mental energy.
Added Vitamin C 5000mg R95
For added immunity, collagen production for face and body, scouting of
free radicals.
L-Arginine                               R125
An amino acid forming the building blocks of our bodies cells in IV
administration is most widely studied for its ability to stimulate release of
endogenous growth hormone, thereby enhancing athletic performance.
Carnitine                                  R125
Carnitine plays an essential role in important energy metabolism pathways in
skeletal muscle which are important in delaying muscular fatigue and
generating more energy during athletic performance.
Alpha Lipoic Acid                    R210
An anti-oxidant organosulfur compound derived from caprylic acid. Used
in diabetes and nerve related symptoms, memory loss, chronic fatigue
syndrome, liver disease and cardiovascular disease.
Trace Elements                        R240
Referred to as Multitrace–5 this blend of important trace elements includes
Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Chromium and Selenium. The combination
improves wound healing, skin hydration, new blood cell formation, normal
glucose metabolism and protects cell components from oxidative damage.
L-Glutamine                              R120
One of the most important amino-acids for both athletes and people with
inflammatory bowel issues. L-Glutamine helps your body produce more
proteins and human growth hormone increasing strength, stamina and muscle
building potential. Known to increase energy during exercise and improve
one’s metabolism. Also considered indispensable for patients who underwent
major surgery or suffered critical illness to speed up recovery.
Sodium Phenyl Butyrate          R150
Gut bacteria normally produce butyrate which is important for digestion,
controlling inflammation in the bowel and to prevent disease. Known as a
chaperone drug, Butyrate which is known to reduce endoplastic reticulum
stress can improve glucose metabolism in diabetes. It is also used in the
treatment of Alzheimers disease, Wilsons disease and Huntingtons disease
but has gained most popularity in kidney disease to remove excess urea.