The Ultimate Holiday Medicine Kit for Children

November 28 2023 – Laurance Viljoen

The Ultimate Holiday Medicine Kit for Children

The Ultimate Holiday Medicine Kit for Children

Embarking on family adventures with little ones brings boundless joy, but it also requires meticulous preparation, especially when it comes to their well-being. In this blog, our dedicated and experienced doctor, Dr Rita Grabe, shares her expert advice on crafting the ultimate medicine kit for your travels. Drawing from her own first hand experiences as a loving mother of two, Dr Grabe imparts invaluable insights to ensure that every journey with your precious ones is not only memorable, but also safe and stress-free. Let's dive into the wisdom of a compassionate doctor who understands the delicate balance between adventure and health for our little explorers.

If your child requires any scheduled prescription medication for allergies, eczema, asthma or other conditions be sure you have a sufficient supply. Immediate access to emergency medication, such as an EpiPen or an inhaler, is required; always keep this medication on hand. Check with your doctor before travelling internationally to determine if you need any additional vaccines or preventative medications. Your child’s doctor will also discuss the need for certain prescription medications.

Holiday Medicine Kit for Children:
Sufficient supply of child’s chronic medication.
Pain & Fever:
Paracetamol e.g. Calpol syrup
Ibuprofen e.g. Nurofen syrup
Mefenamic Acid e.g. Ponstan
Suppositories e.g. Empaped / Ponstan (Prescription)
Nausea, Vomiting or Motion Sickness:
Medazine Suspension
Ondansetron (Zofer) Rapitabs (Prescription)
Rehydration Sachets
Tasectan / Smecta Sachets
Buscopan / Hyospasmol Syrup
Probiotic e.g. Reuterina
Coughs, Colds or Congestion:
Iliadin Kids Nose Spray (It also helps to equalise on a plane.)
Sterimar / Salex SF Paediatric Metered Nasal Spray
Genemist / Flomist
Coryx Syrup
Oral Antihistamine e.g. Telfast
ACC 200 / Mucospect (Thick phlegm)
Prospan Cough Syrup / Adco-Linctopent Syrup / Bronchoped Syrup
Allergic Reaction:
Oral Antihistamine e.g. Telfast
Topical Antihistamine e.g. Anthisan Cream
Antihistamine Eye Drops e.g. Patanol Eye Drops
Cuts & Bruises:
Bactroban / Fucidin Ointment
Elastoplast Wound Spray
Insect Bites:
Anthisan Cream / Mylocort Ointment
Glycerine Suppositories
Lacson Syrup
Frequent Bronchitis / Croup:
Nebs e.g. Budomed, Duolin or Adrenalin (Prescription)
Travelling to a remote destination:
Aspelone Syrup (Prescription)
Unmixed Antibiotic (Prescription) It is extremely important to complete an antibiotic course.
Malaria Area:
Malaria Prophylaxis (Prescription)
Lintagon C Junior Effervescent
Zinplex Junior D3 Syrup
Other essential items to include:
Nebuliser (Small, handheld, portable & silent)
Sunscreen SPF50+
Burnshield Emergency Burn Care
A good barrier cream e.g. Sudocream or Antipeol Ointment
Syringes for medication
Other important safety measures when travelling:
Keep an eye on your children's sun exposure - UV light is especially strong between 10:00 and 16:00 and when light is reflected off water or snow. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 50 and remember to reapply frequently, especially after sweating or being in the water. Bring a hat and sunglasses to protect your child's face from the sun and consider wearing sun-protective gear.
Water safety - It is critical to keep an eye on children at all times while they are near a body of water. Because water safety devices may not be available at your destination, you might want to bring these from home if you expect to spend time on or near water.
Malaria can affect children of any age. If you're going to a malaria-risk country, talk to your doctor about malaria prevention. Based on your destination and your child's health, the doctor will recommend the appropriate preventative medication.
Find a local health clinic or hospital close to your holiday home by doing some research. See what pharmacies are nearby and what hours they are open. If you need to make a late-night run for pain relievers, you'll be glad you planned ahead of time. While on vacation, the local pharmacy might be an excellent resource.
Contact us to schedule your appointment with Dr Rita Grabe for a stress-free holiday.


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