IV Treatments

Vitamin Boost Drip            R600
This Boost Bag contains a combination of energizing vitamins & minerals at high
concentrations. These are also building blocks for the development of our muscles and bones.

Performance Drip             R1200
Energy boost
Speeds up recovery
Detoxify the liver

Detox Drip                          R1200
Detoxify the liver
Reduce heavy-metals in the body
Powerful anti-oxidant
Restores cells membranes

Flu Drip                              R1000
High dosage Vitamin C
Strengthens the immune system
Helps the body fight infection
Energy boost

Babyface Drip                 R1000
Increase collagen production
Powerful anti-oxidant
Create new skin elasticity
Skin brightening effect

Hangover Drip                 R750
Detoxify the liver
Corrects alcohol induced dehydration
Reduces headache

Gut Health                      R900
Treatment & prevention of leaky gut, bowel inflammation, gut integrity and assistance in recolonization of the gut. The intestinal tract plays an important role in so many processes in our body including elimination of waste products, immune function, digestion, absorption of nutrients and regulating inflammation.

Weight Loss Drip           R900
In order to lose weight your body needs to be in peak condition to do so. Our weight loss booster combines a special formulation of vitamins, anti-oxidants, trace elements and amino acids to boost your metabolism.

Brain Booster                 R1000
For those brain fog, forgetful weeks where your cognitive powers have started letting you down. Improving oxidative stress, increasing neurotransmitters and enabling your brain to detoxify and work optimally.

Travellers Companion   R950
Especially formulated for all our jet-setters: Whether you are on your way or just returning from the trip of a lifetime - dehydration, fatigue and exposure to a range of unwanted germs are just a few of the things you are facing. The travellers companion rehydrates while boosting your immune system at the same time.

NAD IV Treatment         R1600 - R2000
NAD is a coenzyme that powers metabolic processes and impacts a wide variety of systems including digestion, cognition and mental clarity, aging & overall energy levels. NAD increases your body’s levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with mood regulation & can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Slow the aging process
Restore the appearance of the skin and reduce wrinkles
Improve brain health and neurological function
Improve mental clarity
Improve brain regeneration
Reduce overall fatigue
Restore muscle function and athletic performance