Cold Weather, Hot Tips: How to Maintain Gorgeous Skin

June 13 2024 – Laurance Viljoen

Cold Weather, Hot Tips: How to Maintain Gorgeous Skin

Cold Weather, Hot Tips: How to Maintain Gorgeous Skin

As the temperature drops and the air becomes crisp, our skin faces a new set of challenges. The winter months can leave your skin feeling dry, dull, and dehydrated. But fear not! With the right winter skincare regime, you can maintain a radiant, healthy complexion all season long. In this post, we’ll explore the best tips and products to keep your skin glowing despite the cold, so you can embrace the chill with confidence and comfort. Let’s dive in and discover how to give your skin the care it deserves this winter.

First and foremost, you need to WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN - we don't know why everyone ditches their SPF during the winter, especially in South Africa. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your skin no matter the season. This leads to photoaging, a condition where UV rays break down skin cells faster, resulting in premature aging. And don't forget about blue light (HEV) emitted from laptops and smartphones, it induces oxidative stress, contributing to skin aging. So, make SPF your daily companion, even in winter.

Your morning routine should also consist of a high concentration Vitamin C and Vitamin E Serum. These powerful antioxidants are formulated to gradually eliminate dead cells from the skins surface, resulting in a brighter and smoother complexion. This process accelerates new cell regeneration - Perfect for that dull winter complexion.

Then you'll need a potent face wash containing Glycolic Acid. Contrary to popular belief, letting go of exfoliants during winter may not be the best idea. Glycolic acid helps to speed up cell turnover, increases collagen production, and combats dryness by drawing moisture to the skin. This keeps your skin free from dead skin cells and product build-up, ensuring a fresh and clear complexion.

It's also the perfect time to introduce a retinol serum into your evening skincare routine. Retinol is renowned for its multiple benefits, boosting collagen production in the dermis, improving skin texture, enhancing skin brightness, reducing acne breakouts and keeping pores unclogged. Our TWENTY 4 Night Serum contains pure Retinol 0.5%, clinically proven to stimulate collagen production and accelerate skin turnover.

Unpopular opinion but listen up! While it’s tempting to slather on a thick moisturizer during the dry months, it might not be the best for your skin. Heavy moisturizers can prevent your skin from naturally exfoliating and slow down the production of essential lipids and proteins. When you apply a thick moisturizer, dead skin cells can stick back onto your skin, hindering the natural shedding process. This can lead to a build-up of dead skin, preventing new cells from regenerating effectively. If your skin feels dryer than the Great Karoo, try using a barrier cream – we recommend TWENTY4 Defence Barrier or a nappy cream like Pure Infant Nappy Cream or Bepanthen. These creams provide a protective layer, locking in moisture without disrupting the skin's natural exfoliation process.

A hydrating facial occasionally, can also work wonders for your skin. Achieving healthy, radiant skin during winter is all about balance and using the right products for your needs. Focus on the active ingredients we've highlighted, wear sunscreen daily, and stay hydrated. You don't need an overwhelming number of products - just stick to the potent basics. By incorporating these products and tips into your routine, you can ensure your skin remains healthy, hydrated, and radiant throughout the colder months. Stay glowing!


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